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A Letter Before My Wedding

2008-12-02 20:12:03 by jnry3

I got this letter six hours before my wedding from my dearest Katrina May, and I want to share what it said:

Dear John,

The first time you told me that you liked me, I didn't have the slightest idea that it would be a start of something wonderful. I am thankful that we were given the chance to be together through everything that we've been through. I knew I always seem to be a non-believer but you made me believe. I was so anxious before about speeding things up and you told me that in time destiny will show up. And you were right. No matter how hard I tried to deny it, I always come back to you. I have resisted you so many times, yet you persisted. You have made me believe in fate and destiny.

I have fallen in and out of love with you, but you were still there. You are really one of the kindest people I have ever met and I love you for that. Through your ways you made me fall in love with you all over again. It may not be as intense as the first time, but it is definitely eternal.

In I found my partner, lover, and best friend. I always thank God for bringing you to me. Today, I become your wife. After 6 years of ups and downs, we will be man and wife. I have no doubt that you will be the best husband that I can ever have and I am grateful for that. I never asked for it, but God gave it to me. You are without a doubt my first, last and forever.

Happy 6th anniversary!


Your soon-to-be-wife,


A Letter Before My Wedding


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2008-12-05 16:07:51

Have a great marriage. Hope you two have a good life. /\_/\ :)


2008-12-06 02:29:53

Congratulations man
She sounds like a keeper :)


2009-01-01 20:08:09

Thanks for sharing.


2009-01-28 03:44:18

hope you are doing well my man


2009-02-11 02:33:02

Congratulations my friend. May both of you live forever. Both in body and in soul and in the minds of all of us here.



2009-02-11 22:32:36

I hope you two have a happy life for now and forever ^_^.

jnry3 responds:

Thanks, guys! ^_^

Just logged on to say 'hi', and to say that I've been working on a good number of songs. Stay tuned!