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2007-12-11 03:31:15 by jnry3

First of all, to receive news on all upcoming songs via PM, please add me to your favorite audio artists list.

I'm still busy with real life (or work -- I'm taking this 5-minute break to type this down here), but after this IT project goes live, I'm planning to do a couple of things for the NGAP (in no particular order).

I still owe recordings to two guys at the Pinoy NG. I'll do that real soon.

I'll be re-recording (or recording new) the vocals on some (or all) of these tracks, as well as do some rearranging. I'm planning to turn this into a full-length album.

01. ^ Half-Awake
02. ~ Bring The Sun Back
03. ^ Bituin (Star)
04. ~ Journey of a Kite
05. * Am I The One?
06. ~ All The Things You Said
07. ~ I Shouldn't Fall In Love With You
08. ~ Dontoktumi!
09. % Bye Baby Bye
10. % Unfinished Romance

(c)2002 by John Reynoso^
(c)2003 by John Reynoso*
(c)2007 by John Reynoso~
Previously unreleased; no copyright%


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2007-12-12 06:31:47

yo whats up??? i jus got your review and must say thanx. lik i said before in the authors comments im still learning this, even though i came out with 3 different songs, but ill try your suggestions. thanx again.

jnry3 responds:

Ayt! Glad to have helped you out! ^_^


2007-12-24 16:21:32

Album? WOOOOOOOOOOOOT! I must get a copy =] =]

Hope it all goes well for your recordings and job and christmas and stuffs. I sent you a pm with some stuffs =]

jnry3 responds:

Hehe... I'm taking my time on this one. I want it to come out right (unlike the first one I did half a decade ago -- didn't know mixing back then).

I'll let you know when it's done. ^_^


2008-02-03 19:54:48

I was checking out your tiny gallery today. You're ridiculously good at mixing/mastering your music, I'm impressed. Your songs are extremely clean and sound great (except for the vocal work, but you can't help that unless you get a better mic). Just stopping by to say hi and good work.

jnry3 responds:

Hey thanks! I'll send you a PM once the album is out. ^_^


2008-02-13 06:55:51

Yo Johnny! I did a lil something on my page again! Check it out if you want!

jnry3 responds:

Sure man! Will drop by. ^_^