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Any Progress?

2008-02-19 08:43:38 by jnry3

Well... not quite. I've recorded a lot of my new songs in Reason 3, with mixing and effects as well.

The album has working title: Wake Me Up at Six. It should only have 10 songs, but upon the requests of some of my good friends, I've decided to push for 12 tracks.

I've been listening to The Cure recently, so expect some influence from this band to my sound. ^_^

Here's the track listing, in no particular order:
1. All The Things You Said
2. Journey of a Kite
3. Half-Awake
4. Diamonds
5. Solitary Worlds
6. I Will Not Apologize To You
7. Dontoktumi!
8. I Shouldn't Fall In Love
9. Can't Let Go
10. Bring The Sun Back
11. Selosa (Jealous Girl)
12. Bituin (Star)

Timeline has also been pushed to May 2008. Stay tuned! ^_^


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2008-02-28 06:30:30

Sign up for a record deal yo! Maybe even make a video?

jnry3 responds:

Record deal, maybe. Might try indie to cut costs for the consumers.

Video... now that's interesting! ^_^


2008-02-28 20:06:09

glad your not dead ;)

jnry3 responds:

Hehe, I was in hibernation (of sorts)... or just too busy with real life and the album. ^_^


2008-02-28 20:07:27

and wake up at 6? Damn thats early lol!

jnry3 responds:

6am is a common time to wake up here in my hometown. ^_^


2008-02-28 20:49:30

lol, same. its just that im a lazy ass. i dont get up until 10 AM. over the winter break I didnt go to bed until 6 AM LOL!

jnry3 responds:


Hmm... I wonder what it'll be like having snow here in the Philippines...


2008-03-06 23:43:12

Well, I don't know if I will come back here in NG, due to our computer's status. Well, I will try to still commmunicate with you guys.

jnry3 responds:

Just drop by if you got time. ;-)


2008-03-11 01:08:07

How about pick a lead song and design the cover art accordingly. So if you pick "Bituin" you'll come up with a star spangled cover.

jnry3 responds:

Hehe, besides, "Bituin" is a love song. And yeah, that would work if I release the song as a single. Thanks for the idea! ^_^

As for the album cover, I've already thought up a lot, but they still feel too... raw. I imagined jumping into a swimming pool with a guitar on hand.

"Wake Me Up At Six" is actually the first phrase from "30 Days To Live" (which is not listed above). Just wrote it recently, and it's an anthem of sorts for the lazy -- the thought of only having 30 days to live makes you want to do the things that you want to do.

...just like me. I want this album out soon. ^_^


2008-03-13 08:48:32

Wow. Nice album. Not sure bout the "Dontoktumi" thing. What does that mean?

Wait... OH. Damnit. Nice line-up. Expecting the album soon. Gonna buy it once i see it.... somewhere.

jnry3 responds:

Hehe, thanks! ^_^ I'll let you know when it's out. I'd probably go for an indie production, so I'll just send a PM when I'm done.


2008-03-19 23:22:13

Word ba yang "selosa"?

jnry3 responds:

Yup. ^_^