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"Wake Me Up At Six" is at 40%

2008-03-21 20:32:40 by jnry3

I have recorded most of the songs in Reason 3 already. Instruments have also been treated (EQ and panning). No vocals yet.

Listing has changed -- from 10 to 12. Now, it's 15. Might have a final cut to 12 or 14.

1. 30 Days To Live
2. All The Things You Said
3. Takin' A Vacation
4. I Will Not Apologize
5. Half-Awake
6. Diamonds
7. Solitary Worlds
8. Dontoktumi!
9. I Shouldn't Fall In Love
10. Can't Let Go
11. Bring The Sun Back
12. Selosa (Jealous Girl)
13. Bituin (Star)
14. Revolution
15. Journey Of A Kite

I think I'll be on target for May 2008. Stay tuned! ^_^


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2008-03-26 04:07:01

Hurry up already!

jnry3 responds:

I am! I'm already at a ridiculous pace, leaving me only 5 hours of sleep a day.

...but quality before anything else. ;-)

I just have to focus on recording, though. I'm writing songs now at a ridiculous pace... once in 3 days.


2008-03-27 11:56:21

You have an amazing voice.

jnry3 responds:

Hey thanks! ^_^

...though I have to admit I'm not yet 100% happy with it. Still needs lots of work.


2008-03-27 16:36:22

yea i was just messing with ya ;) and 5 hours of sleep? thats ridiculous...

jnry3 responds:

As Arkarna said, "so little time, so much to do." ^_^


2008-03-30 06:14:55

Instrumentation: one song to go! Next up is vocal recording. Woohoo! ^_^